OnePlus Photography Awards Winners 2021 Exhibition

The International Photography Awards honors today’s photographic masters who are developing, defining and inventing the field of photography, as well as an emerging talents in the field. As an international event that has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly 2 decades, it is well established as one of the most comprehensive and recognized photographic awards in the world.

The OnePlus Photography Awards are not just a global, open-to-all mobile photography competition, but also a global discussion forum for mobile photography enthusiasts. Through the “OnePlus Photographic Awards,” we invite all smartphone users to submit their photography talents, experiences, and ideas. Images, according to OnePlus, chronicle stories, and stories never stop.

The inaugural “OnePlus Photography Awards” were successfully organized in 2021, with OnePlus and the International Photographic Association (IPA) jointly judging the contest to explore the unlimited new possibilities of mobile phone photography.

The winners of the 2021 OnePlus photo competition were on display at the House of Lucie in Budapest. The exhibition was opened on March 27th, 2022.

The work of the following photographers was the part of the exhibition:

Bo Ya, Aref Tahmasebi, Jia Shusen, Yash Pardeshi, Kedar Patil, Zhongyuan Chang, Aman Malhotra, Colyn Tsou, Vedang Deodhar, Richard Ashia, Wei Deng, Wenfang Wang, Haibo Lin, Zhengxu Liu, Hector Ke, Mohan G, Chen.

Thank you to all who came to see the OnePlus Photography Awards Winners Exhibition, and thank you to the brilliant photographers who made it possible with their hard work and determination!

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