Opening Event of the “Ukraine: The consequences of war by Paula Bronstein” exhibition

The “Ukraine: The consequences of war by Paula Bronstein” exhibition opened on the 27th of July, with a spectacular opening ceremony. Miss Bronstein’s chosen photographs from the Ukrainian war were first shown to the public at this opening event, at the House of Lucie Budapest, Hungary. The work of Paula garnered a great international audience.

American photojournalist Paula Bronstein is in Ukraine to capture the horrific reality of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After 20 years of capturing the lives of people in Afghanistan, she is currently publishing stories that highlight the economic, political, and social problems of war-torn nations’ silent victims in Ukraine. The vulnerable and fragile old people are her greatest concern in the Russian invasion, as the percentage of elderly people impacted by conflict in Ukraine is among the highest in the world.

The Ukraine Moments campaign, which was started to support the Ukrainian photography community and all those who call Ukraine home by shedding light on the people of Ukraine at this moment’s moments, events, difficulties, and experiences, is also on show.

“As I’ve photographed this war and the lives touched by its shadows, I’ve seen a country that firmly believes it belongs with Europe and the West, and I want to continue covering this incredible story as Ukraine fights to protect its rightful independence.”

Hossein Farmani, founder of the Farmani Group and House of Lucie sent a video message to visitors as he could not attend the event in person:

The exhibition was open from the 28th of July until the 11th of August.

House of Lucie Budapest, Hungary
1055, Falk Miksa u. 30.
Thursday-Friday, 14:00-18:00.