Ukraine: The consequences of war by Paula Bronstein


We would like to present to you our newest photo exhibition, which showcased Paula Bronstein’s heartbreaking insight into the present lives of the Ukrainian people, sharing with us their pain, loss and hope.

Paula Bronstein is one of the top female photojournalists in the world with a career spanning more than three decades. She utilizes her vision to capture humankind and raise awareness of problems all throughout the world, with a concentration on various conflict zones. The critically praised book “Afghanistan: Between Hope and Fear” was written by her. Paula spent 15 years as a staff photographer for several American newspapers before relocating to Asia in the late 1990s. From 2002 to 2013, she worked as a senior staff photographer for Getty Images. Paula presently works on a freelance basis, and her photographs have appeared in practically all internationally renowned publications and been shown in several nations.

The House of Lucie Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 30, in Budapest presented an exhibition of Paula Bronstein’s photographs.

Our opening event was in Budapest at Falks Miksa Street 30 on July 27 at 18 o’clock.

The photography exhibition was open from 14:00 to 18:00 on Tuesday through Friday starting on July 28 and running through August 11.

To see Paula Bronstein’s other artwork, visit her official website.


I’m looking into underreported news in a number of war-torn nations that deal with social, political, and economic challenges while revealing the unseen casualties of combat. My attention in Ukraine is on the frail, vulnerable seniors who are caught in a war that has left their lives destitute and in deteriorating housing. In the whole globe, Ukraine has the greatest percentage of elderly victims of conflict. The human resource used in the continuous military war is astounding. People over 60 make up over a third of the 3.4 million people in the nation who depend on humanitarian aid.