VISIBLE INVISIBLE: A Decade-Long Artistic Odyssey by Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht

Embarked on a visual odyssey with “VISIBLE INVISIBLE,” a testament to the Rowshanbakht brothers’ relentless quest for discovery within the tapestry of our surroundings.

Renowned twin brothers and accomplished artists, Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht, invited audiences to experience “VISIBLE INVISIBLE,” an immersive exhibition chronicling a profound decade-long artistic journey. Born in the culturally rich city of Kashan, Iran, in 1991, the Rowshanbakht brothers curated a distinctive artistic vision, seamlessly blending photography, design, and curation.

“VISIBLE INVISIBLE” stood as a testament to their relentless pursuit of discovery within our surroundings. Originating as a visual exploration to illuminate overlooked facets of our world, it evolved into a remarkable collection of form-centered compositions. These compositions, born from collaborative efforts, revealed the unseen and emphasized the invisible, showcasing captivating purity and affinity to alluring forms.
Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht’s journey was marked by an exceptional educational background, holding degrees in computer engineering and prestigious master’s degrees in photography from the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Their works, characterized by a blend of artistic vision and technical prowess, graced galleries across Iran, Myanmar, and Italy.

Beyond photography, the brothers served as art directors, curators, and designers. They held Creative Director positions at the Steve House, House of Lucie Kashan, Sooleh Art Space, and Hashtcheshmeh Art Space in Kashan, Iran.

“VISIBLE INVISIBLE” reflected their unwavering dedication to the arts, offering audiences a unique exploration of the invisible elements shaping our world.

The exhibition ran until November 25th and was also on display in Budapest and Ostuni at our House of Lucie galleries.