Analog Sparks – Best of Show 2023 Exhibition at House of Lucie, Ostuni

The works of amazing analog photographers, 1st and 2nd category winners of the inaugural 2023 Analog Sparks International Film Photography Awards are exhibited at the House of Lucie in Ostuni, Italy.

The Opening Event took place in House of Lucie Ostuni, on October 4, 19:00.

Fridays to Sundays, 10:00 – 13:00

House of Lucie Ostuni, 164 Corso Garibaldi, Ostuni


Step into the world of Analog Sparks Awards Winners!

At the core of the “Analog Sparks Awards” beats a deep love for the art of analog photography in all its splendid forms. Our mission is clear: to champion exceptionally talented analog photographers like those we’re celebrating today.

Every single photograph that graced our submissions was carefully assessed by our esteemed panel of professional judges. The outcomes were truly exceptional, with entries earning well-deserved prestigious titles and heartfelt honorable mentions from a pool of truly remarkable submissions.

But that’s not where the magic ends! The “Photographer of the Year,” “Best Emerging Talent,” and our 1st and 2nd category winners in professional and amateurs are having their breathtaking photography showcased in Ostuni.

Join us in applauding the enchanting world of visual storytelling and the remarkable talents behind these captivating images!

Congratulations to all of the 2023 winners.