International Photography Awards – Best of Show 2022 Exhibition at House of Lucie, Kashan

We are pleased to present you to the Best of Show Exhibition which was displayed simultaneously in two locations (Kashan, Iran / Budapest, Hungary) from March 23 to April 15.

The exhibition is honoring the works of 26 amazing contemporary photographers, category winners of the 2022 International Photography Awards, along with the 30 images of the Best of Show curated selection.

From March 24 to April 15, the exhibition was open from Tuesday to Friday from 17.00 to 21.00.

Opening Time: March 24 to April 15, 17:00 to 21:00
Location: House of Lucie, Soorijan, HajbabaAtuf Alley | Fazel Naraghi St | Kashan
Phone: +98 31 55453564

For more info about the Best of Show Exhibition at House of Lucie Budapest, Hungary, please click here.

Visitors had the pleasure to see vivid and powerful images, with awareness and hope as a recurring theme. Through the lens of these photographers, we are shown both beautiful and eye-opening perspectives, and are encouraged to contemplate the importance of nature, humanity and peace.

Best of Show Curator, photography Professor, Dr Mark Sealy, said the following about the 2022 Best of Show selection:

“One of the key things I wanted to achieve in bringing these images together was a sense of community. Curatorially I wanted to open up a conversation, to hold up a mirror that reflects the concerns of those bold enough to speak through images.

Through the spectrum of this selection of images, I wanted to generate within the viewer a condition of responsibility and action towards greater social justice and cultural equity. The photographs presented here are often taxing. They ask us to play a role in building better futures.

I wanted this selection of images to offer the viewer a sense of purpose and belonging beyond borders, beyond ethnicity, beyond identity, beyond THEM and US so that the condition of WE gets amplified. Therefore, through these photographs, I invite the audience to recognise that wherever WE are, WE must take responsibility for each “Other”, and that commitment must be extended to all life on earth.”