House of Lucie, Kashan, Iran

The House of Lucie Kashan is a combination of a restored Qajar-era house and two modern homes, together creating a stunning space to accommodate over 300 photographs by masters of photography. The historical house embraces three gardens, 30 rooms, and two wind towers, a trademark of Iranian architecture in the desert region.

The House of Lucie Kashan opened with work of the Lucie Permanent Collection and two exhibitions showcasing works by Italian photographer Yvonne De Rosa who photographed the house construction workers, and Iranian photographer Mehrdad Oskui who is most famous for his documentary films.

The goal of this museum is to showcase the work of masters of photography that have been honored at the Lucie Awards, bring international photographers’ work to this picturesque city, and promote the application of photography. 

The Kashan branch of the House of Lucie was restored and is managed by Hassan and Hossein Rowshanbakht.