Exhibitions at House of Lucie Athens

The House of Lucie is the gallery, office, and physical home of the Lucie Foundation. It features a modern exhibition space presenting the work of local and international photographers.

Additionally, the House of Lucie serves as a venue for rotating exhibits, seminars, talks, and events to promote photography to a broad audience. The House of Lucie now has locations in Athens, Budapest, Iran, and Los Angeles (under construction), and properties in Italy, France, and Thailand have been purchased.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions

Curated image exhibition of the LIT Awards winning designs

To celebrate the 5 years of the LIT Lighting Design Awards, a curated photo exhibition by Hossein Farmani of the LIT Awards winning designs took place at the “House of Lucie” Athens Gallery on Sunday, 29th of May, 2022.

It was a unique opportunity to see some of the most incredible Lighting Designs and Lighting projects of the last years, network with award-winning Lighting Designers and Lighting Product Designers, as well as meet the LIT organizers and jury members.

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